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20th January 2009

sinanju10:31pm: [FIC] Who Ya Gonna Call?, PG, Dead Like Me/Grey's Anatomy
Title: Who Ya Gonna Call?
Author: Sinanju
Fandoms: Dead Like Me / Grey's Anatomy
Rating: PG (bad language)
Warnings: None. Character death--It's Dead Like Me, what do you expect?--but nothing gruesome.
Summary: Things have gotten out of hand at Seattle Grace Hospital. Something's gotta be done.

George was killing time in the hospital cafeteria when Roxy appeared at her shoulder. "Come with me," Roxy said, grabbing George's wrist and yanking her out of her seat. George dragged her feet long enough to lunge for and grab up her coffee cup.

"Roxy--what the fuck?" George tried to retrieve her wrist but Roxy continued dragging her toward the exit. Nobody was likely to interfere either. Roxy's aggressive strut, basilisk gaze and police uniform saw to that.

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14th January 2009

rat_hospital8:24pm: [FIC] The Good Guys, PG, Dexter/Lost
Title: The Good Guys
Author: rat_hospital
Fandoms: Dexter, Lost
Rating: PG
Characters: Dexter, Sayid, Ben
Summary:Sayid goes to Miami to take care of business, but Dexter waits in the dark. Unfortunately for Dexter, Sayid has friends in high places. Well...perhaps friends is stretching it.

Tonight was the Night. This night it would happen, had to happen. As it had happened before, as it would happen again, and again. And tonight it would happen to the Arab.

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22nd August 2008

kinky_carter10:34am: For whatever fans there may be of this crossover shipping.


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15th August 2008

a_wa12:36pm: iAm from a different time zone
Title: iAm from a different time zone
Fandoms: Liberty's Kids and iCarly.
Rating: 9+
Pairing: None.
Genre: General
Time Frame: None specific.
Summary: Carly wishes they lived in the 18th century, and is sent back to a time where everybody else other than her, Freddie, Spencer, and Sam are animated.
Disclaimer: I don't own Liberty's Kids or iCarly.
Author's Note: None.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 2,190 according to Word.

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a_wa12:21pm: iAm With You
Title: iAm with you
Fandoms: H2O: Just Add Water and iCarly
Rating: All Ages
Pairing: Slight Cleo/Lewis, not really though.
Genre: General
Time Frame: Takes place before H2O "Exposed", no specific iCarly time.
Summary: Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Spencer are going to Australia where Carly sees a mermaid. She later meets Zane who has seen them too, will they be able to prove the secret on iCarly?
Disclaimer: I don't own iCarly or H2O.
Author's Note: None.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 1,284 according to Word

Carly goes on vacation in Australia...Collapse )
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3rd August 2008

rat_hospital2:54pm: The Incursion Chapter 6 (BTVS/DW)
Author: rat_hospital
Characters: Ace, Faith, Willow, Giles, Xander, and the 7th Doctor
Rating: PG-13 for language and mild content
Summary: The time has come at last. They have waited for so long. The new Watchers Council will need all the help it can get. Luckily a young woman called Ace seems to know what’s happening but can she be trusted? And who exactly is Dr. McCrimmon? Buffy xOver

With thanks to my beta, idontlikegravy .

Chapter Six: Signs & Portents

Previous Chapters: Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three,Chapter Four, Chapter Five,Interlude: Rome

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30th April 2006

irisconlon9:04pm: Good 'morrow fellow Lord of the Rings lovers. Are you liking of the fan fiction? 

Try [info]orc_soup

Click on the photo to link to the trailer.

A fanfiction spoof based on Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Newsies, Harry Potter and More.

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26th September 2005

felucia1:57am: Forever Amongst the Stars [prologue]
TITLE » Forever Amongst the Stars
PART » Prologue
AUTHOR » Camigwen {tami}
FANDOM » Roswell/Star Wars
GENRE » Crossover, Action/Adventure, Angst, Mystery, Romance...
SUMMARY » When Tess returned from Antar, she didn't come alone. Two men were sent after her, to bring her back so that she could be put on trial for teason. Only problem is...Tess is dead. Max, Liz, and the gang are about to find out that within all fiction lies a thread of truth...

( READ MORE... )
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13th August 2005

sinanju2:38am: Death & Taxes Challenge
Title:  Death & Taxes
Cross-Over:  Dead Like Me/Highlander
Pairing:  None
Rating:  PG-13 (a little language)

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12th August 2005

illmantrim1:13am: challenge for the week of 08-12-05 to 08-18-05

The challenge this week is A Thin Line Between Love and Hate.

Have fun!

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7th August 2005

illmantrim3:28pm: challenge for the short-almost-week of 08/07/05 - 08/11/05

Challenge is Death & Taxes - Those ever present elements must show up one way or another in the drabbles.

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howardtuttleman6:31am: Anti Star-Wars Movement
Hello, I'm Howard Tuttleman. I'm from Detroit and I'm looking for like-minded people to boycott the Star-Wars movies. If I've got you, go to my web-site for more info http://www.howardtuttleman.com
For the rest of you, please just read on. This will make sense in the end and I'm sure you will agree.
You are probably ready to jump down my throat, so just calm down. I am pretty mad right now too. You see, when I was younger I never happened to catch The Star Wars like so many of you did. Sure, I was aware of it quite a bit, and had heard OF it a lot. As a kid there were plenty of times when bullys would punish me whith wiffle-bats that they pretended were light-sabers, and I would always get drafted to play a Speeder-biker or an Ewok when everyone else got to be main-characters. Obviously these things left a bad taste in my mouth about the Star Wars. I started getting my parents to buy me the action-figures and vehicles, and that brought plenty of kids over to my house, and people THOUGHT I had seen it because I had quite a collection.

So when I finally saw some of the novels at the library, I gave-in and picked up the first in the series. It completely captivated me and made me realize exactly what was going on, and I didn't even HAVE to see the movie. I moved on to the next 2 books shortly after, and now reading them has become a yearly tradition for me. I was enthralled by the Socio-Political struggles and the in-depth character building so much in fact that I began to realize something. That something truly this special would be significantly weakened by condensing them into 3 ridiculously short Hollywood-style movies. The concept of these movies is just laughable to me that they would even TRY something like this. I therefore established "The Star Wars Movie Boycott Movement".

You see, when I read the novels I have very vivid pictures of what certain space-ships, monsters or planets look like, and the best part is that I can imagine whatever actors I want playing the main-characters. I obviously imagine myself as Luke because I feel that I really capture the character well (especially in the 3rd book). My best picks for the other characters is how I visualize Han-Solo as being Patrick Swayze. He has that dashing charisma that the character MUST have. I imagine Darth-Vader's voice as this guy Lance I know who is a real bully-type just like the character. Another one I have is harder to explain but I will try. I chose my dog Morris to be Chewbacca, but now he is 8 feet tall and can stand on 2 legs. If an element of the story is too hard to imagine, that is the ONLY time I will accept an out-side influence and refer to my action-figures.

Do you see what I'm doing here? I am able to personalize the story, whereas you can only imagine it how the movie tells you it is. I can now enjoy the story far more, and on so many more levels than you can. In conclusion, I know that quite a few of you have seen these movies, so I guess it's too late for you to imagine what is actually possible. The people I am trying to get through to are the innocents that whose minds are blank at the moment like mine is lucky to still be. The answer is NO. Buy the books instead, and save yourself a ton of money in the proccess, and imagine it how YOU want to. Not greedy Hollywood movie-makers.

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1st July 2005

unanon9:33am: Challenge for 07/01/05 to 07/07/05
Late again. Unplugged computer last night for thunderstorms. Woe.

Challenge for this week is Reassurance.

Catch you in seven or thereabouts.

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23rd June 2005

unanon8:37am: Challenge for 06/23/05 to 06/30/05

The challenge for this week is Make a Killing.

Have fun!

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10th June 2005

unanon8:40am: Challenge for 06/09/05 to 06/16/05

The challenge this week is Letters.

Love letters, Dear John letters, letters of the alphabet: any kind of letters you can think of!

Have fun!

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2nd June 2005

unanon9:01pm: Challenge for 06/02/05 to 06/09/05

The challenge for this week is Blood.

Have fun and be creative!

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26th May 2005

unanon11:06pm: Challenge for 05/26/05 to 06/02/05
Hope y'all enjoyed the week off. *wink*

This week is Free Week.

Submit a drabble on whatever topic you choose, or write something based on the following trio-prompts:
  • ghost, dream, whisper
  • cup of tea, visit, snag
  • drowsy, goldfish, liquify
  • nascent, slay, cupcake

Have a good one!

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13th May 2005

unanon8:55am: Challenge for 05/13/05 to 05/19/05

Belated again. I just plumb forgot. *smacks forehead*

This week's challenge is Biting the Bullet.

Have a fun week.

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5th May 2005

unanon9:26pm: Challenge for 05/05/05 to 05/12/05
It's that time again...

The challenge this week is Lost Causes.

Have a good one!

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29th April 2005

unanon10:45am: Challenge for 04/29/05 to 05/05/05

This week is Free Week.

You can submit drabbles on any topic you'd like, or you are welcome to answer with a drabble written for the following trio-prompts:
  • grave, ultimatum, whisper
  • secrets, slammed door, cut crystal
  • coffee, lurking, ring
  • stubble, quirk, moist
  • lipstick, doorway, rotate

Have a great week.
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22nd April 2005

unanon9:26am: Challenge for 04/21/05 to 04/28/05
Sorry for the lateness. I have company arriving tomorrow and I've been totally distracted.

The challenge for this week is: Closing Lines.
Select from the following...Collapse )

Have a great week.
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14th April 2005

unanon9:53pm: Challenge for 04/14/05 to 04/21/05

This week's challenge is Fantasy

Have a fun week.

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7th April 2005

unanon11:05pm: Challenge for 04/07/05 to 04/14/05

The challenge for this week is Opening Lines.

Select from the following:
  • Vengeance had a way of coming home...
  • I had a hard time staying upright...
  • She licked her fingers slowly...
  • It all began so innocently...
  • "I didn't do it!"
  • She sighed heavily...

Have a fun week!

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31st March 2005

unanon7:49pm: Challenge for 03/31/05 to 04/07/05.

This week is Free Week.

You're welcome to write and post whatever kind of story you please. If you'd rather have some inspiration, you can always write for a previous challenge or here are some trio-prompts:
  • shuffle, naked, glee
  • noisy, favorite, playful
  • station, golden, wing
Have a fantastic week!

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27th March 2005

unanon7:50pm: Challenge Update
Sorry for the lateness. I was without internet access for a few days. :(

The challenge for this week is A Death in the Family.

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17th March 2005

unanon10:52pm: Challenge for 03/17/05 to 03/24/05

The challenge for this week is Orphans.

Have a great week!

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11th March 2005

unanon1:16pm: Challenge for 03/10/05 to 03/17/05
Or thereabouts...I can't seem to update on time lately. Woe.

The challenge for this week is Turned Around.

Have a great week!
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4th March 2005

unanon8:03am: Challenge for 03/04/05 to 03/10/05
This week is Free Week.

Feel free to answer any past challenges that catch your eye, or simply write drabbles based on this handy collection of phrases and prompt words. Choose any set of three and go to town!
  • a chase, a lamppost, sunset
  • a spoon, broken tooth, string
  • birthday, blossom, a stain on a white shirt
  • a train station, soot, dirty fingernails

Have a fun week!

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26th February 2005

illmantrim9:29pm: Challenge for 02-26-05 to 03-03-05

Howdy everybody! This is your friendly neighborhood Illmantrim standing in for Unanon and bringing you the abrieviated challenge for this week!

This week's challenge is Caught.

There is a second challenge this week and it is Compromising Positions.

Have fun!

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18th February 2005

unanon7:05am: Challenge for 02/18/05 to 02/24/05
Sorry I'm late. *blushes*

The challenge for this week is Insomnia.

Have fun.

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10th February 2005

unanon8:50pm: Challenge from 02/10/05 to 02/17/05
Hey guys!

The challenge for this week is Falling..

Have a fun week.

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3rd February 2005

unanon11:16pm: Challenge for 02/03/05 to 02/10/05
It's that time of the week again!

It's trio-prompt time. Write drabbles incorporating the following sets of words:
  • imposter, swiftness, irrational
  • forgiveness, telephone, laughter
  • mirror, blurry, nimble
  • fading, flame, fizzle

Have a great week!

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28th January 2005

illmantrim8:03pm: Challenge for 01/28/05 to 02/03/05


*Slips in and waves. Glances around and grins. Pulls out a script and coughs, clearing voice*

unanon is out this week and thus I, the ever-strange Illmantrim, am filling in with the challenges.

The challenge for this week is Out Of Place. This means the main character or characters are out of their normal situation, whether that is undercover or in another time or place. Go Crazy!

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20th January 2005

unanon10:08pm: Challenge for 01/20/05 to 01/27/05

The challenge for this week is About Last Night...

Have fun!

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13th January 2005

unanon11:00pm: Challenge for 01/13/05 to 01/20/05
Hey y'all,

The Challenge for this week is You Never Can Tell.

Have a good one!

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12th January 2005

tinylegacies11:14am: Crossover Ficathon Announcement
note to mods: if this isn't okay, let me know and I'll delete

A few of us were talking about the lack of really good crossover fic that exists in fandom. We've decided to remedy that by starting a Crossover Ficathon.

Signups are posted at crossficathon! They're open through February 12 and stories aren't due until March 31.

Please come over and sign up - the more the merrier!

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7th January 2005

unanon9:04am: Challenge for 01/07/05 to 01/13/05
It's trio-prompt time again!

Write drabbles containing the following items/phrases in groups of three:
  • notebook, zippo lighter, coffee cup
  • a rose garden, distant barking, broken shoelace
  • fingertips, scissors, patch pockets

Have a great week.
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24th December 2004

unanon2:11pm: Challenge from 12/24/04 to 12/30/04
The challenge for this week is: Beneath the Mistletoe.
And other Holiday Traditions.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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19th December 2004

unanon8:30am: Challenge for 11/19/04 to 11/24/04
Sorry for the lateness of the update. Real life has a way of making its will known.

The challenge this week is Hiding Places

Have fun!

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