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iAm from a different time zone

Title: iAm from a different time zone
Fandoms: Liberty's Kids and iCarly.
Rating: 9+
Pairing: None.
Genre: General
Time Frame: None specific.
Summary: Carly wishes they lived in the 18th century, and is sent back to a time where everybody else other than her, Freddie, Spencer, and Sam are animated.
Disclaimer: I don't own Liberty's Kids or iCarly.
Author's Note: None.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 2,190 according to Word.

Chapter 1: another day of iCarly

It was another day of iCarly...

"I'm Carly," said Carly.

"And I'm Sam," said Sam.

"And today on iCarly we're going to do a new segment we like to call..." Carly paused for a second.

"Going back to before the world wide web," they said together.

"Where we pretend we're from a time before computers," Carly said.

"Imagine what iCarly would be like if it was a time before computers," Sam had a shocked face.

She made the thing that controlled the sounds go "ooohhh".

They then put on bonnets and dresses from the 18th century.

Freddy put up the green screen, selecting a background that made them look like they were in a house from the 1700s.

"Now Sam and I will pretend we're from the 1700s," said Carly.

"Oh Carly do you want a cup of tea?" said Sam in a British accent.

"Yes, seeing as my father's away fighting the Revolutionary War," Carly was also talking in a British accent.

Sam handed her a toy teacup and Carly pretended to drink it.

"Mmmm," she said, still talking in the British accent.

After the show, Carly said to Freddie and Sam, "I wonder what iCarly would be like if it WAS during the Revolutionary War."

"Sure wouldn't be the same," said Freddie.

"Yeah, no need for computer geeks," Sam said, looking at him.

"Hey," he said.

"Yeah, but to experience such a simple life," Carly said, trailing on.

"Carls," Sam said. "You're not actually wishing iCarly was in the 18th century are you? There weren't any computers back then."

"I know."

"Well, I'm going back to my apartment," Freddie said.

"So am I," said Sam, pushing Freddie behind her.

"Hey," said Freddie.

"What? You want some hay? Sorry, I don't know where any hay is," said Sam, then walked out the door.

Freddie followed slowly behind.       

Chapter 2: the wish

"Still though," Carly said when they left.

She walked up the stairs and looked out her window.

She closed her eyes and said, "I wish we were in the 18th century."

If only that was possible... she thought, opening her eyes.

She walked to her bed and went to sleep.

That night, Carly dreamed of what being in the 18th century would be like.

Life would be so much simpler.

So much more simple......

"Carly wake up!" screamed Spencer.

Carly opened her eyes and walked downstairs to see what her brother was yelling about.

"What is it Spencer?"

"Where are we?" 

Chapter 3: where are we?

"What are you talking abou- what the?" Carly said, looking at what she was wearing. "Where did this dress come from? I don't remember buying this dress. Why am I wearing this dress?"

"I thought the same thing too about what I was wearing when I looked in the mirror," said Spencer. "It looks like something from the 18th century."

Those last four words echoed in her mind.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god," said Carly. "Where are Freddie and Sam?"

"Right outside," said Spencer. "Why?"

"No time to explain," she said, running out the door.

"Carly, what's going on?" asked Sam.

"Why are you asking her?" Freddie said.

"Guys," said Carly.

"Why do you automatically assume she did this?" asked Freddie.

"Guys," said Carly a little louder.

"The same way I assume you're a dork; I'm right about it."

"Guys," Carly yelled. "I made this happen to us. I wished we were back in the 18th century." 

Chapter 4: the 18th century

"You what?" Sam was shocked. "Carly, I thought you agreed not to want iCarly to be in the 18th century."

"It was just a wish on a star," Carly said. "I thought magic wasn't real."

"Well apparently you weren't right, and why even wish it in the first place?" Sam said. "You know how much I hate wearing dresses."

"Just relax guys," Freddie said. "We're going to find a way out of here."

"Oh, and who's going to lead us there? Certainly not a little computer geek without a computer."

"Alright you listen right here Sam," Freddie started.

"Guys, we don't have time for this," said Carly. "Might I remind you that... I ACCIDENTALLY PUT US IN THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY!"

"Okay, okay," said Sam, who then looked over near by where she saw a boat.

This time though, it wasn't a real boat; it looked animated.

"Wait, don't you guys notice a difference?" she asked Carly and Freddie.

Chapter 5: a few changes for the Boston Tea Party

"I don't know what you mean Sam," said Freddie.

"I do," said Carly, looking around. "Look around you Freddie, everything's animated."

"Oh man am I thirsty," said Sam, changing the subject.

She looked at the boat again and saw several men dressed as Indians throwing things out into the water.

"Hey, what are those goons doing with all that tea?" Sam asked, and then ran over to the boat.

"Sam, no, it's the Boston tea party," Carly said, slowing down on the last two words.

She then looked at Freddie and said "she sleeps her most during history."

They ran after her.

"Why is this boat near your house?" Freddie asked.

"I guess our house is in Boston here," said Carly, shrugging.

"Why are you pouring all this tea out into the harbor?" Sam asked, picking some of the tea up out of the water.

All the men on the boat gasped.

"Are you British?" asked one of the men.

"No, why?" asked Sam.

"We're throwing all of the British tea into the harbor to protest against the British," said the man.

Then all of a sudden, three boys (James, Moses, and Henri (on-ree)) came on the boat.

"Why on Earth would you want to do that?" said Sam, the tea still in her hand.

"Because of British taxes," said the man, throwing some more tea into the water. "Parliament raised the tea taxes over our objections."

"British what?" asked Sam, picking up all the bottles of tea out of the water that she could.

"Money," said the man. "And by the way, my name is Samuel Adams."

"Oookay," Sam said.

"Sam, what are you doing?" Carly said, running up to her.

"Trying to get all of that tea out of the harbor," Sam said.

"No, you can't," cried Carly. "They are SUPPOSED to dump all the British tea into the harbor."

"What?" Sam asked her, still picking the tea out of the harbor. "Why? it's tea, it should be drank not dumped."

"Because it's the Boston tea party," said Carly.

Sam looked around the boat. "Then where's the party?"

"The Boston tea party was a time when some of the Americans protested against the British taxes," explained Freddie. "The 'Sons of Liberty' or Patriots disguised themselves as Indians and went to the ships to throw all the British tea into the harbor, protesting high taxes."

"Okay, what are Patriots?" Sam asked.

Freddie rolled his eyes.

"Honestly Sam, don't you ever pay attention in Social Studies?" he asked.

"Well, don't you ever stop being a big fat idiot?" Sam said.

"Me an idiot?" Freddie said. "Well I'm not the one who's got an F in every subject."

"Well, maybe I don't want to get higher grades, maybe I like getting low grades," Sam said. "And by the way I don't have Fs in every subject, I have D-s in Science."

"At least I'm going to get into college," said Freddie.

"You're not gonna get into college, you're going to get into Dorkivirsity."

"Well at least that's better than not graduating from high school."

"Guys," Carly said. "This isn't the time."

Freddie and Sam stopped.

"Sam," Carly said. "Put back all the tea."

"Okay, fine," Sam said, throwing the tea back into the harbor. "I'm keeping this tea though."

"Sam!" Carly said.

Okay, fine," Sam said. "Here, keep the tea, I'll keep the thing it's in."

She poured the tea into the water and carried the thing that it was in.

"Hey," she said, watching two boys carrying a girl against her will. "What are you two doing to that poor girl?"

She ran after them.

"Oh, not again," said Freddie.

Red coats came onto the ship.

"Run!" Freddie said.

He and Carly ran after Sam.

"Oh no," said Sam. "Red coats!"

The men ran off the ship, still wearing their Indian disguises.

Sam kept running after the boys who had the .

"Unhand me!" Sam heard the girl say. She had a British accent.

The girl and the boy got onto a carriage.

"Sam," called Carly. "Don't do this again!"

Chapter 6: Benjamin Franklin's reporters


"I wish I could," said one of the boys (James).

"What do you mean you wish you could?" said Sam. "Let her go!"

"Sam!" Carly called.

Several minutes later, they were outside an office in Philadelphia.

Carly looked in the window.

There was the girl and the blond boy who had taken her, as well as some other black guy.

One of the boys seamed to be missing, where had that little French-looking boy went? 

"Okay," said Freddie. "I am going to go and find where your house is in this time."

"Okay," said Carly. "Be careful though."

"I will," then Freddie started walking out of Philadelphia, trying to find where Carly's house was.

"Sam," Carly whispered, wondering where Sam had went.

"What?" Sam said from behind her.

"Ah!" Carly said. "Sam you scared me."

"Of course I did," said Sam. "Now I'm going to go in there and-"

"No Sam," said Carly. "The past needs to stay the way it's supposed to be."

"Then why'd you wish us here?" Sam asked.

"I didn't know it would actually come true."

"Yeah, but even so, why'd you wish us here?"

"I guess I wondered what it would actually be like in the 18th century."

"Look, Carly, right now, no matter what you say, I am going in there."

"No, Sam-"

It was too late; Sam had already gone into the office.

Carly ran after her.

"We were just trying to bring her here to Philadelphia so that we could-" the blond boy who’s name had turned out to be James was explaining.

"Sam," said Carly. "Come on, do you want to find a way back or not? If we don't, we may be stuck here and never be able to do agai-"

Suddenly, a black man walked over to them.

"What is" he asked.

"You're... uh, uh... who are you?" Sam tried.

"Moses," the man said. "And who are you two? you look sort of... different than the rest of us."

Sam walked over to Carly, a fake smile on her face.

"Come on Carly," she said. "We do this all the time."

"Is this all real?" Carly asked, staring at Moses.

"Of course it is," Sam whispered in Carly's ear and then said to Benjamin, "I'm Sam."

"Hmm..." said Moses. "Sam, what a... different name."

"Yeah," Sam said.

"And who are you, miss?" Moses asked Carly.

"I'm Carly," Carly replied.

"So... what's this" Moses said.

Carly and Sam looked at each other.

Chapter 7: Sam's wish

After explaining the best as they could, Carly and Sam went to the house Freddie found for them to stay and went to sleep.

The next day, Freddie woke up.

"GUYS!" he yelled, waking up Carly and Sam.

"What is it, Fred?" asked Sam. "Did you get a brain? oh no!"

"No," said Freddie. "Look."

He held up a newspaper.

"What?" Sam said. "They put us in the newspaper?"

Freddie sighed.

"Carly, we have to go back home," he said.

Carly sighed.

"I know," she said. "How are we going to though?"

"I have an idea," Sam said.

"You?" said Freddie. "Any idea you have always involves me getting hurt."

"Well, you deserve it," said Sam. "And this time it has nothing to do with you. It will only work at night though."

"What are you going to do? Put a water balloon in my-" Freddie started.

"Okay," Carly said, stopping him.


That night when Freddie and Carly were asleep, Sam was still awake.

She looked out the window and said, "I wish we were back in our own time and nobody remembered any of this happening."

Then she went to sleep.


Chapter 8: iCarly returns to the internet

The next day, Carly, Sam, and Freddie woke up.

"I had the strangest dream last night," said Carly. "I dreamed that we were in the 18th century."

"Hey, me two," said Sam. "Wait, did you dream about me trying to get the tea out of the harbor?"

"Yeah," said Carly. "And us in the newspaper?"

"Yeah," said Sam.

"That's strange," said Freddie. "I had that dream too."

"Hmm..." they said, thinking.

Then Carly looked at the time.

"Oh no," she said. "Look at the time, we've gotta get ready for school!"

Freddie and Sam ran back to their houses.

Carly ran to get ready.

She looked at all her clothes, trying to choose what to ware.

"Well," she said. "At least there's more variety than there would've been in the past."

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