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What? Another drabble community? *groan*


Crossfandom is just that. Crossfandom. Give us your crossovers from any fandom (except real person fics), from 1 to 100,000 words (though the latter would take quite a few posts).

Question: But why not Real Person Fics?
Answer: This if for fictional characters that we do not own or even exist in this reality.


1. Do not flame. Flaming gets the evil invisible mod to ban you from the community.

2. Please be polite to your list mates and put any fics with a rating over R behind an lj-cut.

3. Please post the actual story in the body of your post and not just a link.

4. If you want to promote a community you run fine, but you must give a fic with your post. Posts that are solely pimping out your community without giving fic loving will be deleted.

5. Post your responses as new entries .

6. Any crossover, pairing, rating, genre, etc. is allowed, unless the challenge specifies otherwise.

7. If you would like to suggest a challenge, just post it in the comments of the latest challenge.

Other Rules Will Be Made As Needed

So go to town. Have the X-Men try and fight Medusa from greek mythology, or Batman with the Three Bears. Humor, Angst, Poetry, Romance, as long as it is a crossover.